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Please read the following agreements. If you agree with an open heart and a feeling of joy, excitement and gratitude, then I welcome you into this sacred space. If you do not agree with the agreements, you should close this check out cart and/or leave the site immediately.

I agree to participate actively. I will not sit back and hope for a miracle to happen. I will be honest with myself and make the inspired changes I know I will need to make in order for my life to transform. As I heal and remember more of who I am, I will have access to higher inner guidance that will allow me to make positive changes inside and out. 

I agree to keep 100% confidentiality. Everything that is shared within the group, remains in the group. Please do not take screenshots of anything inside the group and share publicly. Doing so will have you removed from the membership community and all services/products permanently and there will be no refunds given. Let's keep this community safe at the highest level.

I agree to show up in the group. I will not stand by and watch. I will take a leap of courage to be seen and heard just as I will show up with honor and reverence for my fellow members in this divine group as they too show up. We grow and heal together.

I agree to maintain safety. There is no bullying or judgements allowed whatsoever. If Marilyn or anyone on the Miracle Love Transmissions Team senses or sees any trace of that energy, you will be removed from the group. You will not be refunded any portion of your financial investment. Therefore, in order for this community to be safe, please leave toxic tendencies at the door and bring to the sessions what needs to be healed within your heart instead. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying and any form of negative behavior.

I agree to share my miracles. As one person heals, others heal. I understand that the evidence of miracles creates a shift in frequency and accessibility for others miracles. Like the 100th monkey effect, I agree to contribute to the shift in consciousness that we are collectively creating within the Miracle Love Transmissions Community.

I agree that there are no refunds whatsoever. I commit with an open heart to the entire journey.

If you choose to cancel your membership, you will have access to the Miracle Love Transmissions Membership Service for the remainder of the membership time.

The Services are provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. You are solely and completely in control of and responsible for your all aspects of your own life and your own ability to transform your life. We at Ascended Living Global, LLC, theofficialmarilyn.com and Miracle Love Transmissions do not promise or guarantee any results or outcomes as a result of your participation in or your access or use of any part of the Miracle Love Transmissions Services. The Services do not replace medical care. Please consult a medical professional for any physical problems or symptoms. 

BY USING THE SERVICE, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF THE TERMS. We may change these Terms at any time. Please review the Terms each time you visit the Service. If you object to any possible future amendments, please stop using the Service or do not proceed with your investment, otherwise your continued use will be taken as your consent to such amendments.

If you have a complaint or need resolution with something, you agree to contact the company directly and upon immediate awareness of the problem. The company will respond and offer to resolve the problem with fairness, understanding and love. Your 100% cooperation is required in any resolution. If resolution cannot be made after several attempts, a third party mediation will be brought in. To submit a Complaint for Resolution, send an email to theofficialmarilyn@gmail.com to request your form.

If you understand the agreements and agree with your entire being- heart, body, mind and soul, you are welcome in this space.

I agree

Marilyn is the secret weapon to my success! I am so grateful!

Film Industry | Studio | & Lifestyle Photographer

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I feel more comfortable in your community and presence than I ever have before. The work you've done in my life without us even speaking is outstanding. I was skeptical at first but what you’re doing is amazing. After implementing what you shared in your video, I’ve seen miraculous changes in my perception and faith. I'm not waking up with anger anymore: I'm waking up with gratefulness to be alive. I can't even tell you how grateful I am. You make it so easy. You have to lean back and let it happen!



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